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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change


About Psychotherapy

We may engage with Psychotherapy at different stages in our lives, when particular issues are calling for our attention such as anxiety, anger and depression, or we may need support to deepen self-awareness, and our capacity to relate to ourselves and others in an authentic and intimate way, which is a life long journey.

In therapy, we explore the underlying beliefs, judgements and defences which shape how you experience yourself and your relationships. This can help you gain insight in to how the past continues to influence you now through anxiety and depression.

Working with a psychotherapist can be long or short term. An on-going weekly commitment offers you an opportunity to be heard, witnessed and deeply supported, as you learn to tolerate feelings and experiences, such as anxiety, depression or anger, that have seemed unfamiliar or unbearable. As the therapeutic process unfolds, we also focus on what is thriving. This may be your capacity to be kind and patient with yourself. It may be your capacity to safely express strong feelings and assert appropriate boundaries, or your growing sense of resilience, joy, openness and groundedness. Together, we find out how you can experience and accept more of who you really are, and support the development of new and fulfilling ways of living and expressing yourself.

Each relationship between psychotherapist and client is unique. For some people, our work together is a short journey and for others, it can be a longer road. Psychotherapy and counselling are not a prescriptive science but rather are dependent on your needs, what you want to explore and achieve in therapy.

About Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy

Mindfulness practice has a growing evidence base and is gaining popularity across many fields of psychology.

Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy is the original Mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK. Its training is fully accredited by United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Being mindful means paying attention to what is there, moment by moment, leaving judgements and preconceived ideas aside. We bring our full attention in the present moment, letting thoughts and ideas appear and take their course without engaging in conclusions, noticing how everything is constantly changing.

The intention of this approach is to create a deeper connection with the openness, compassion and wisdom at the heart of our human condition. This experiential work encompasses our feelings, emotions, sensations, mental processes and their expression in the body. We work from the understanding that we all have inherent health and given the right conditions, orientate naturally towards well-being and wholeness.

By cultivating mindfulness, we develop more focus and mental clarity; we extend our awareness to how we live our life and begin to see how our past affects our present. We realise how much meaning and expectations we attach to our experience because of events which occurred in the past or because of our desire to achieve something in the future. Cultivating a genuine curiosity about how we fully experience ourselves, helps us to access a space where we can explore our feelings and sensations 'as they are', free from the restrictions of a critical mind.

Awareness is the key to change and healing. We bring awareness to the present moment, slowing down enough to help you deepen your awareness of your body, feelings and states of mind. We work at your pace, exploring how it is to be you.

For more information about Mindfulness Core Process Psychotherapy, visit the website of the Karuna Institute.

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